All about Masturbation, best way to masturbate yourself

What is Masturbation

Let’s start from here, what is masturbation, 10 most funny Masturbation shot movie we pick for you.

Masturbation is using your own hand or other assistant tools to stimulate your penis (Man) or vagina (Woman), and get yourself to the point of orgasm, A man will ejaculate, some women will ejaculate too, but most of them not.

Men Masturbation

Men MasturbationMan masturbate from their adolescence, it’s very common for most boys, they use their hand to play with their cock at first, when then become a veteran in Masturbation, some others tools are more attractive than hands, like banana, watermelon.

Female Masturbation

Woman MasturbationGirl’s masturbation is darker, most women feel nervous when this start, they use their fingers to stimulate labia and get self-satisfied. I know some woman use cucumber and carrot to help them masturbate.

Why you need to Masturbation

Of course, it’s good to Masturbation for both man and woman, and sometimes you need to do it, its way to release pressure. It’s especially important for adult who lack of sex.
Men’s semen will automatically come out when in sleep if there are too much of them, so it’s normal for your release them out, and women needs sex or Masturbation to make their body more balance.

Too much masturbation is harmful

Everything has two coins, appropriate masturbate benefits your body while too much masturbation make your body weak and laziness. It even mass up adult’s normal sex life and affected the growth of teenagers.
So, watch out your hands and genitals, enjoy it in the long run!

Ways to Masturbation

There are omnifarious ways to masturbate. Here we introduce some of the best Masturbation ways for man and woman.

Banana for Man masturbation

Banana Man Masturbation

  1. Select the right banana which is suite for your orgasm, not too ripe or raw.
  2. Use scotch tape wrapped around the banana without any gap, wrap several layers if you can.
  3. Cut a small hole in the root of the banana, and then squeeze the rotten flesh out, remember do not broken skin of the Banana.
  4. The last steps is injection some lubricant like cleanser.

Tips: If would be much better If you heat the banana with hot water before masturbation.

Banana MasturbationBanana for woman is easy, just stripped the skin of the banana; the banana is like man’s dick.There are other fruits also can be used for Masturbation like Cucumber, Watermelon etc.

Things your should prepare for good Masturbation

Private environment

A private environment is required for easy and happy masturbation, don’t let others disturb the process; it’s not good for health.

Porn Video, pictures which could make you excited

It’s more easy for man to get to orgasm when masturbate while watching porn videos, and woman may need sexy light and music.

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Clean and soft Paper

In a word, clean everything you left for Masturbation.

Masturbation videos

Here are some Masturbation videos you may like.

Boys Masturbation video

Girls Masturbation video

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